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Looks like Diddy is signing someone new to Bad Boy. Diddy went to Instagram to announce a “NEW DEAL ALERT!!!” sharing some big news that his youngest son, Christian Combs, will now be apart of his fathers record label.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Christian Combs is the new face of Bad Boy after signing a record deal yesterday on his birthday. Christian has said in recent interviews that one of his aspirations is to become a rapper and said that he doesn’t feel the pressure of living up to his fathers legacy.

Christian went to Instagram to express his excitement about his big day and said

Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. Not only was it my birthday, but Also the day a dream came true. I got signed to epic and BADboy records. I’m extremely thankful for everything that God has blessed me with and I will never take it for granted. Music is something that’s been part of me my whole life. #Epic #Badboy we got this!

Congrats from everyone here at IFWT! Hit the gallery to see Christian’s Instagram post and check put the video below. Comment below to let us know what you think.

Source: Vibe