Adrien Broner had a pretty easy night in the ring last night against Ashley Theophane, who happens to be one of Floyd Mayweather’s boxers. The confidence of the win must have went to his head though because he thought he was worthy enough to call out Floyd after the fight. The champ did what we all did while Broner was running his mouth, he just laughed.


These two have been trading verbal jabs recently, but trust me, Broner doesn’t want to trade real jabs, even if he thinks he does. Floyd was upset with Broner for acting a fool, throwing money in wal-mart. Broner didn’t appreciated the criticism, which led him to question who Floyd really is.

It didn’t take long before Floyd reminded him that one of his cars cost more than whatever Broner has earned in his career.

“We know he ain’t never seen eight figures or nine figures,” Mayweather said. “He has barely ever seen seven figures. It could be safe to say that one of my cars cost more than he made his whole career.”

This fight will never happen but that is a good thing for Broner. He just doesn’t realize it now because he is too busy trying to draw attention to himself.