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Chelsea Handler has currently took to social media to show that she is not here for Donald Trump. Handler wrote on her half naked body, “Donald Trump is a butthole.” She went on to say, that she meant it with the “utmost disrespect.” You must respect her for at least sharing how she feels.

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Handler took a picture with a Trump doll and tweeted,

Spent my day in Aguascalientes trying to find a good tree for this asshole.

Mind you she had a string in her hand. I cant lie, I honestly laughed upon seeing these photos.

Handler also tweeted,

Apparently, I’m going to get punished for my abortions. But, if trump gets elected, won’t we all be punished?

This tweet was in response to Donald Trump saying that woman should be punished for aborting their babies.

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Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest comedians around and really has no chill button. A lot of people love her “i don’t care” persona and then there are some people who get easily offended by some of the things that she says. The comedian was in Mexico shooting for her Netflix series and was walking around with a Donald Trump pinata.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Chelsea Handler was shooting her Netflix series and was spotted walking the streets of Mexico with a Donald Trump pinata. She posted a picture of herself on Instagram smiling from ear to ear with a pinata that looked liked Donald Trump with the caption

“Just walking through the streets of Mexico looking for a good tree. #chelseashow #netflix #may11.”

You can check out her show on Netflix. Hit the gallery above to see her Instagram post. Thoughts? Comment below and let us now what you think.

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