I’m sure someone on Golden State is going to feel some type of way about this. Scottie Pippen clearly doesn’t have the same respect for the Golden State Warriors as some of the rest of you. One of the key members of the famous 95-96 Bulls squad shared his thoughts about how things would go in a best of seven series and even broke down who would guard who!


This is so interesting because we have always wondered what Michael Jordan or Pippen have thought about this Warriors team and even with all the offensive firepower they have, Pippen doesn’t seem too impressed.

He spoke with Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show (via producer Seton O’Connor), saying “Bulls in four”:

He followed it up by saying he would be the one guarding Steph, not MJ.

This is one of the biggest sports debates of our time because so many people have passionate opinions about Jordan and those Bulls teams and also about Curry and the Warriors.

For what it’s worth, I think Pippen is wrong. The Bulls would likely lose one game but the overall outcome of the series would never be in doubt. This discussion won’t be stopping anytime soon, especially if the Warriors go back to back this year.