Today News broke of the biggest data leak since Edward Snowden’s 2013 leak through a network of news papers that exposed classified NSA documents which ended up exposing the US for spying on Errrbody. This leak is deemed the #PanamaPapers, because the it comes from a source inside a Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, that exist to set up shell companies so really rich/dirty mofo’s looking to skip big tax bills ?.

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Aside from the Cartels, and world crime organizations, why is it a big deal to use offshore accounts? Here’s how it works, a ‘business’ does business in a country, that business ends up owing millions in taxes, that would go to said government to fix up said government’s infrastructure, but instead ‘they’ put owed money into offshore accounts that governments can’t touch ?. Now say a country in Africa, that got a big business to come over for cheap labor really needed that tax money to feed people, unless the entity using aforementioned shell company is someone from that government, which they found some of that too….back to how it works, a country like the U.S. that has thousands of these big companies, but we don’t know YET how many of U.S. companies or American’s as a whole have these off shore accounts.

This leak has more Data then what Snowden leaked, about 11 million files, making it the biggest in the world to date, some over sea’s have been combing through it for a while now and have exposed that accounts have been linked to families of Egypt’s Mubarak, Mummer Gaddafi, and Syria’s president Bashar Assad, all considered ‘bad guys’. Also lots like some close friends of Putin are named, word is those close friends are tied to crime. Right now 72 Heads of State and former Heads of state are named in the Panama Papers.

It’s early in the game as far as the #PanamaPaper exposure, some probes are already under way in other countries, but this has the potential to become a hot button topic for the Presidential race, or even better, IF Trump gets exposed in this leak ??.

You might want to keep up with this Reddit thread, and I’ll keep my eye out to share all interesting facts with this one, it could change the world, IF it den’s get covered up by denial and deletion.