Ye’s bout to make history all over again. With The Life of Pablo doing good streaming numbers for it’s exclusivity to Tidal, the album is on pace to become the first #1 album ever to just go the distance off of streaming, no actual physical copies sold.

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Kanye could be knocking off his protege Big Sean with his TWENTY88 collab EP with Jhene Aiko for the number one spot, according to HDD.

If he does, TLOP would be the first LP to land at #1 off nearly no sales (he sold a few physicals off his website but not many). The album had close to 90 million streams since it was released on Apple Music and Spotify last week, although originally just belonging to Tidal. Every 1,500 streams now counts as 1 album unit (streaming equivalent albums), so that 90 million mark would equal 60,000 SEA’s. Stay tuned, you might just get to witness a landmark in the music industry!