Things are about to get tricky…Suge Knight is now claiming that Dr. Dre put a hit on him back in 2014 when he was shot, conspiring with an LAPD deputy. Hit the jump!

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Suge Knight’s new lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, filed legal documents alleging that a Sheriff’s deputy who was working at 1 OAK in WeHo (West Hollywood for all you non-celebrities) on the night of the 2014 VMA’s, purposely allowed a shooter in to take out Knight. Surveillance footage shows Deputy Henry Boyd letting the gunman in the club right before shots rang out.

The documents also reveal that the shooter confessed him and a friend were paid $50k by Dr. Dre to kill Knight. The shooter was then released from custody with no explanation. Deputy Boyd was also questioned about being seen at LAX where he allegedly helped the shooter leave the country, but after being questioned, he resigned from the department.

Shady stuff…story developing!!