More and more money…for virtually not much besides their appearance. This new GQ article gets the inside scoop on what certain hip-hop celebrities have made and make just for showing up at a club, sometimes not even performing. See the numbers after the jump.

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From greatest to least:

50 Cent: Once split $4 million with Paris Hilton and Lenny Kravitz to attend an Ed Hardy function.
Future: 250K for a New Years Eve appearance.
Nicki Minaj: 236K for NYE appearance, and got sued by promoters because she bailed after 34 minutes, not the required 60 minutes.
Ray J: 150K to show up in Dubai.
Lil John: Six figures, but they always make him spin.
Scott Disick: 70K, but more overseas.
Rich Homie Quan: They don’t get specific, but say it’s a lot. (We know he got 90K to do NYE this year.)
Quincy Combs (Puffy’s son): 10K.

I was pretty surprised on Puffy’s son tbh…he has a huge following. Quinc could definitely up that with a little shimmy.