IFWT_Patrick Ewing

Phil Jackson is reportedly strongly pushing for the New York Knicks to retain Kurt Rambis as head coach of the team.  There’s a former Knick however who wants the job, Patrick Ewing.

via ESPN:

“You know, this is a great fit for me,” Ewing said before the Charlotte Hornets’ 111-97 win over the Knicks on Wednesday, according to reports. “I have my number up there [in the Garden rafters]. I still live in the area. If I get an opportunity for an interview, I’d be happy.”

Ewing is the lead assistant coach for the Hornets and has been an assistant for four teams over the past 13 seasons. He has expressed frustration over a lack of opportunity to advance to a head-coaching position.

“I’ve been doing this, what, 13 years now?” he said. “I see people who don’t have the same amount on their résumé as I do and still have gotten opportunities. It is what it is. All I can do is continue to work, continue to get better at my craft, and hopefully one day somebody will give me an opportunity and I’ll show that I’m ready.”

Ewing is clearly throwing shots at guys like Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher who were given head coaching jobs the very next season after their retirement from playing in the NBA.  Unfortunately for Ewing it doesn’t appear he’ll be given much consideration for the Knicks job.  Jackson appears dedicated to someone familiar to him and the triangle offense.

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