When Lil Wayne was in his prime during 2005-2009 let’s say, he arguably could not be touched on any verse or on any beat. That was a different era for hip-hop…a lot of artists that are considered OG’s now were as well putting their signature stamps on the game like Kanye West, Jeezy, etc. etc. Well hot off the release of his collaborative album with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz speaks on the what it was like going in the studio and collabing for a full length LP, “Collegrove“, with one of the best to hit the booth. Hit the jump.

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During an interview with Rolling Stone 2 Chainz said:

“You just can’t be slumping. This is not a place to come slump around. You gotta bring your A game. This album has very little melodic type vibes. There’s rapping on here. You want to hear some rapping you need to get ColleGrove, if you want to hear some rap shit?”

In 2016, rap music doesn’t “have” to be competitive anymore because the genre has branched out into so many different ways:

“I love Hip Hop. I love that Hip Hop is such a wide range, so universal. I love the fact that we got melodic, I love the fact that we got the Auto-Tune, I love the fact that we got mumbles.… I mean, when I first got on the phone I was getting out the shower and I was jammin’ Bryson Tiller.”

But back to to the competitiveness on the game as a whole, 2 Chainz was ready for Kendrick to drop his “untitled unmastered.” album the same day:

“I knew Kendrick was coming out the same day. I had the opportunity to change. That’s what the game needs. I know what this project is to anyone who listens to it. I’m actually a fan of the boy too.”