Last month Scott Marsh painted a 20ft mural of the Chi-Town rapper, Kanye West, kissing himself. And now it looks like someone paid 100k to have the mural removed from the side of a building in Chippendale, Sydney. It has been reported that Ye’s team offered Marsh quite a bit of money to take down the mural but Scott Marsh said he will only remove it if Kanye bought a one-off print version, $100,000 and give him a lifetime supply of Yeezy sneakers. Marsh gave Kanye a couple of weeks to buy the print but it looks like Kanye might have paid 100k price tag.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Scott Marsh is claiming that he sold the 20ft mural to an unknown buyer and posted a photo to his Instagram of someone painting over the mural. He captioned it: “It’s been real yeezy.”

I wonder who the mystery buyer is. Could it be Kanye? Hit the gallery above and then comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: Instagram