Before the TLOP tour happens, whenever that may be, Kanye West performed the album for the first time at the Paradise International Music Festival in the Philippines over the weekend. His set came shortly after Wiz Khalifa’s – who he’d infamously had a brief feud with earlier this year – and confirmed that it was squashed, as he shouted Wiz out and thanked him for a great show.

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No Kanye show is complete without a Kanye rant, however, and he explained to the crowd why he fought to make “Famous” TLOP‘s first single, despite its controversial lyrics about Taylor Swift:

“What I wanted you to know the whole time in the spirit of Nina Simone, in the spirit of real artists, this is the song that broke the writer’s block for me because it’s something I wanted to say so bad that they told me I couldn’t say. That night when I went onstage was the beginning of the end of my life. Lady Gaga canceled the tour the next day. You know what night I’m talking about. When I just said what everybody else was thinking. So if I get in trouble for saying the truth, what’s being said the rest of the time?”

Check out all the clips from the show below.