I never realized the actress who voices Dora The Explorer is so young!

15-year-old Fatima Ptacek and two friends were caught vaping in the bathroom of their private high school in NYC in December, after being ratted out by a high school senior. (Snitch!) There were zero drugs involved, but simply caramel flavored water. As punishment, Fatima was suspended for three days, while one friend was expelled from the $40,000/year school all together. The third friend received no disciplinary action.

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School officials allege that the expelled teen lied about the incident at first (which her parents confirm, but add that it was due to fear,) and deemed her untrustworthy, hence the expulsion. Her parents are now suing the celeb-friendly school, saying administrators were arbitrary and capricious and violated their own policies by forcing their daughter to withdraw, and that Ptacek received celeb treatment. They are seeking an annulment of the disciplinary action, the school to re-enroll their daughter and unspecified monetary damages.

Source: NYDN