IFWT_LeBron James Rachel Bush

LeBron James activated “Zero Dark Thirty – 23″, where he’s supposed to stay away from social media while preparing for the NBA playoffs.  Well apparently that social media blackout doesn’t apply to sliding in DMs.

Instagram model and snapchat star Rachel Bush screenshotted LeBron in her in IG DM and posted it on Twitter.

The twist is that she’s currently dating Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer.

Whether or not LeBron knew that? Who knows…

While Barstool Sports confirmed that the DM is real and came from LeBron’s account, we’re not 100% sure he sent the message as some stars often have an assistant, publicist or homeboy that has access to their social media.

Sidenote: Rachel and Jordan just so happened to have courtside seats to the Cavaliers game against the Hawks last night.

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