ifwt_Tyanna Wallace

Thisis50 recently sat down with Biggie’s daughter, T’yanna Wallace. In the interview, the Penn State graduate and aspiring fashion designer discusses her clothing line, living up to her father’s name, her relationship with Faith Evans and more.

“Honestly, me and Faith, she’s really my stepmom. We really have a mother-daughter relationship,” T’yanna says candidly. She also revealed that despite her late father’s past with Tupac, she’s always been a fan of Pac’s music.

“I been listening to Tupac since high school. I never had a problem with Tupac because people around me never made it seem like my dad and Tupac had a problem withe each other, it was the media who blew that up.”

T’yanna was recently in the news after she called out Diddy, after he apparently did not provide her a ticket for his upcoming Bad Boy reunion concert. They have since resolved the issue privately.

Watch the full interview below.