There has recently been allegations coming from a few men stating that hip hip star Afrika Bambaataa has molested them. The Zulu nation has released yet another statement on the allegations.

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Aside From Bambaataa’s people making a statment, He himself has made a statement saying,

“I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone. These allegations are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in hip-hop at this time. This negligent attack on my character will not stop me from continuing my battle and standing up against the violence in our communities, the violence in the nation and the violence worldwide.”

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The statement reads,

The UZN Department of Community Affairs unequivocally views this most recent U.S. government sponsored media attack on both The Universal Zulu Nation in general and it’s co-founder Afrika Bambaataa in particular, as nothing more than a continuation of it’s decades long “HIP HOP COINTELPRO” campaign to discredit and destroy the Universal Zulu Nation.

Indeed, during the past 42 year legacy of the UZN under the leadership of Afrika Bambaataa the UZN was unjustifiably removed from the Bronx River Projects in 1995 by the then Mayor Rudolph Guiliani with his N.Y.P.D. initiated “Operation Commitment” and even today is still unjustifiably labeled and monitored by the N.Y.P.D. as a violent street gang in order to prevent young people from associating with it’s internationally respected non-violent, educational and community uplifting Youth Leadership Department.

Too, there is absolutely no doubt that with the Universal Zulu Nation’s press conference and public criticism of that very same Rudolph Guiliani racist attack on recording artist and actress Beyonce Knowles and her anti-police terror & tribute to the Black Panther Party 50th Anniversary “Formation” Superbowl halftime performance; that Guiliani, the P.B.A. and the N.Y.P.D. also have a hand in this most recent attempt to destroy and demonize the U.Z.N. as being an organization of “cop hating sexual predators”

Additionally, asinine statements to the N.Y. Daily News by the obviously paid agent provocateur and “fired” Hot 97 & Power 95, D.J. Troi “Star” Torain that… “He believes the allegations to be true” are nothing more than an unemployed nobody attempting to emulate the mentally challenged Ronald Savages book selling lies by promoting his own online radio show in order to hopefully return to the sellout/payola Hip Hop radio circuit that he was kicked out of due to pressures from the community and members of the Universal Zulu Nation for both his on air disrespect in the tragic death of recording artist and actress Ailiyah and his own racist anti-asian “sexual predator” remarks to assault the 4 year old daughter of then City Counsel member and current NYC Comptroller John Liu.

We have no doubt that a combination of our ever growing international UZN Chapters throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America and; Our ongoing diplomatic relationships with the anti-imperialist peoples governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Tanzania have all no doubt made us a COINTELPRO target by the U.S. government, mainstream media and the global 1% capitalist powers that be.

In tomorrow’s second installment of this three part response we will expose the fact that D.J. Troi “Star” Torain is a government paid agent provocateur and that his Zulu Nation expert “Poppy aka Baby B.O.” is both a liar and a government paid police informant.

Furthermore, we will show how the N.Y. Daily News and it’s so-called objective reporters in this matter have been compromised and controlled by U.S. government intelligence in order to produce and promote this trial by media assault on the Universal Zulu Nation.

Ukuthula Amandla Awethu.

Zulu King Bro. Shep

Zulu King Sadiki “Bro.Shep” Ojore Olugbala – s/n Shepard P. McDaniel, Executive Director

So far three men are making molestation claims against Bambaataa. One of the men has even did a interview with the Daily News. The other two have not identified their names to the public as of now.

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