Today Hot97’s app, Where Hip Hop Lives, just updated and added some new features that will make your experience better than before. The best part about these new features is they are all free!

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Whats New!

IFWT_new features in drop down

A quick summary of the new features include, On Demand Mixes, from your favorite DJ’s on both Hot97 and Power 106 Live Radio. You can also replay, Ebro in the Morning, and, The Cruz Show, in case you accidentally sleep in. Also for the first time ever you will have FREE access to the New At 2 station where you can be the first to hear the latest music. Below are some more details on these new features.

On Demand Mixes

IFWT_hot97 mixes screenshot

Hot97 and Power 106 have the most talented DJ’s in the world. So if you want to hear more from your favorite DJ, the new ‘On Demand Mixes’ helps you do just that.
For example, if Funk Flex played the dopest mix on-air and it included brand new music but you missed it, this feature allows you to go back and to listen to that exact mix. You can pause, rewind, or jump to a specific part seamlessly with no issues.

IFWT_power 106 screenshot 2

The three tabs at the top allow you to choose between which station you would like to go back and listen to. Just like if you wanted to go back and hear previous mixes on Hot97 you can do the same under Power 106 and New At 2.

IFWT_new at 2 screenshot

Now that New At 2 is free you can access brand new mixes featuring new music from both stations Hot97 and Power 106.

Ebro in the Morning & The Cruz Show Replay

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Another cool new feature is the ability to replay your favorite morning show. So if there was a segment you wanted to hear again, or if you missed it, this feature lets you go back to replay that segment.

IFWT_power 106 screenshot

You can do the same thing if you wanted to go back and listen to segments from The Cruz Show too.

New At 2

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You can now listen to the New At 2 streaming station for free!

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest music in hip hop, this station keeps you up to date with all the exclusives. It’s all uncensored too.

New At 2 also allows you too stream recent albums and mixtapes as well! If you don’t know the song everything is tagged you to see, so you won’t miss it.

You can download, Where Hip Hop Lives, for FREE on the iTunes app store and Google Play now!

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