A Florida man was murdered with an axe, police and relatives to the victim said. The altercation is said to have been over a 50 dollar scratch off lottery ticket. Police have yet to comment as the investigation is still ongoing.

Last Friday John Henry Stubbs, a 69 year old father of 10 was murdered with an Axe by acquaintance, Joseph Robinson, 45, in front of friends. The altercation between the two occurred in front of friends, during a small gathering at a friends house. Daughter Shiela Stubbs, told the daily news that the altercation had been over a scratch off lottery ticket in the amount of $50 dollars the daughter said. The two men went to these gatherings commonly to play dominoes, listen to music and enjoy a good time.

Stubbs had won the prize money of $50 dollars on a lottery ticket and had asked Robinson to redeem the money at a nearby store. Robinson agreed and rather than coming back with the lottery money, Robinson instead came back with only a beer, a beer that was only for himself. Stubbs, angry “slapped the guy twice” his daughter said.

Shiela Stubbs then claims that Robinson left and returned with an Axe. Witnesses told WFLA Robbinson attacked Stubbs with the axe; striking him twice. Stubbs Daughter said that her father was first struck in the head then in the neck. All this she claimed occurred in front of several friends while playing dominoes.

“Someone should of been able to stop the second swing” stated Shiela Stubbs.

While being arrested Robinson claimed self defense stating to WESH news “I was defending myself”. John Henry Stubbs is survived by 10 children ranging from 30 to 50 years of age.