As we approach a year since the untimely death of Far Rockaway rapper Chinx, his murder still remains unsolved. The NYPD know little more than they did at the time of the shooting, but today, they’ve announced they at least know a tiny bit more than before.

Shooting down rumors of a drive-by, Lt. Rudolph confirms that they believe it was indeed a targeted shooting, revealing that someone walked up to Chinx’s car and shot him directly.

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“I wouldn’t call it a set up, but was he a target? Yes…So, we believe our shooter walked up and fired into that car. He [Chinx] was not involved, as far as we know, with any type of serious drugs. But he was about to make it big. He was going to make money. Nobody, who knows anything about this murder specifically, is cooperating with the police at this time.”

They encourage “individuals in the rap industry” to come forward with any more info.

RIP, Chinx.

Source: Fox