There’s no way in hell that a love session is so bomb, that you miss out on the fact that you are a witness to a armed robbery. Two men robbed the Tap Inn bar and casino in Montana Monday. They demanded all the money that the bartender had. Meanwhile, a unidentified couple sat just a few feet away, kissing each other’s face off, totally unaware of what was going on.

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If you pay attention to the video, you will see one of the robbers walk right past the couple which is really suspect.

Billings Police Department Chief Rich St. John says,

“We stress to the business owners that it is absolutely paramount employees are safe, that no amount of money is worth somebody getting hurt. When you take 105,000 citizens in Billings and have them watching out for everybody, that’s a pretty formidable force against a criminal.”

Apparently, the make-out session is part of a recent outburst of robberies across the town.

Check out the video below.

Source: Complex