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The woman who filed a police report with the LAPD accusing Zach Randolph of violently assaulting her has come out to admit that she made the entire thing up in an attempt to get to his money.

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On March 23rd the Memphis Grizzlies player, Zach Randolph, was targeted in a police report filed by a woman who accused him of assaulting her. During the time when the woman filed the report officers observed visible injuries on the woman’s neck and back.

But now one week later, officials reveal that the woman has changed her story. On top of that, during an interview on March 31st, she said there was an argument between her and Randolph, however Randolph never touched her.

Official documents state cops said the woman told officers,

“she was upset and decided to file a fabricated police report and just wanted to get his money.”

When asked about the injuries, the woman said she and a friend drove not too far from the police station where she filed the report and inflicted injuries to her neck and back themselves.

The woman has even signed a document admitting she made up the story.

The case has been thrown out by the L.A. County District Attorney’s office.

Source: Complex