Every parent has different ways of punishing their children. Whether it’s a timeout, grounding them, or an occasional spanking, but this one is a bit far.

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A Georgia mother gave permission for the school administrators to be able to discipline her son. Not regular discipline though, she allowed her son to get beat with a wooden paddle. Now why she would give the school administrators permission to do this? I don’t know, but she realized it was to an extreme when she secretly recorded her son getting the paddling.

“What happened at that school Wednesday was not a paddling, it was not a spanking. It was abuse.” said Shana Perez, the mother of the child.

In the video, you can hear some of the administrators laughing and making comments about the situation.

“I’m only gonna do it one time unless you wiggle around.”

At one point Thomas, the child, yells out.

“Don’t spank me.”

You can even hear another administrator saying just an insensitive remark.

” We’ve got all the time in the world, don’t we?”

It’s also known that Perez was sent to jail two weeks ago because her son had 18 unexcused absences. The most interesting part in this whole story is that in Georgia it is legal for kids to be physically punished in school.