IFWT_Netflix HDR Marco Polo

Netflix introduces HDR (High Dynamic Range) content to their streaming service. However, to access this feature, members may need to upgrade their television or monitor to one that can support HDR output; as well as pay for a premium-priced subscription.

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HDR video provides millions of more shades, colors, and increased brightness levels allowing images to stand out stronger than before.

A Netflix spokesman revealed,

“We just started streaming in HDR, with Marco Polo season one now available. We will continue to expand that offer. When people see HDR they will be really impressed. HDR will be on top of 4K – but the big wow visually will be HDR.”

4K refers to the resolution of a screens display. We all know about 1080p on high definition screens. Well 4K represents about 4 times the amount of pixels on a 1080p display. However, in the case of HDR, this means the pixels in these displays must be able to show an increased range in brightness between black and white. But this would only be required if the film or whatever you’re watching is mastered in that format.

While some TV’s in the US already support HDR, in order to stream HDR quality this means you will also need a super strong internet connection.

The first season of Marco Polo will support HDR format. The second season will be available in HDR sometime in the middle of 2016. In order to access HDR content in the future, members will have to pay for a premium-price subscription.

Source: BBC