During the “My Brothers Keeper” Initiative on criminal justice reform, President Obama met with a number f influential Hip-Hop and Musical Figures. Afterwards, rapper Pusha T took to Instagram to  share a photo of himself, Busta Rhymes, J Cole, and what seems to be Talib Kwali. 

Together, the four artists are seen walking together dressed in their Obama best, other than Cole who stayed true to his style and dress code. It seems like the men enjoyed their time speaking with the President, especially Pusha T, so much so that he shared this picture in his Instagram page.

Its been no surprise that Obama has remained genuine and in touch with the music community throughout his presidency. From his initial running in 2008 to now, Presdident Obama has received the support of a number of musicians, and he has certainly done his best to stay in contact and work together with them as a team for the greater good of the country.

Pusha T’s response was particularly refreshing to read. He first started by thanking President Obama for inviting him to speak on criminal justice reform and share his opinions. According to Pusha, It was his first time visiting the White House, and Pusha declared that “History was made in that conference room” today.

Read the below Instagram Post from Pusha T to President Obama.

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