It seems that Kanye’s mic went out during his set with ASAP Rocky at Cochella. All that was heard on the speakers was ASAP and the beat. Travis Scott was enraged and slammed the mic on the stage after the set. More info on the performance after the jump.

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Today ASAP Rocky was set to perform to thousands of fans at Cochella and in to show the love he has for his fans he had a surprise. This surprise’s presence is a present, yes you guessed it Mr West. Everything looked good to go on and perform what for sure would have been a historic musical set. As the performance started and the crowd was turnt and excited about Mr. West’s presence, a malfunction occurs. Yeezy’s Mic Went out and all you could here was ASAP Rocky and the background instrumentals. Kanye had no choice but to be quiet. ASAP Rocky was furious and after his set was over he slammed his mic on the stage.

This is not the first time this happened to Ye. Back in 2014 Kanye was at a venue ready to grace the crowd when again a similar type of malfunction occurred. Kanye was furious and it ended in the termination of the DJ. The craziest part about the whole thing is that the DJ was Kanye’s longtime friend. This heavily influenced there nasty falling out. A falling out that pushed DJ Mano to go on a rampage bashing Ye With Homophobic slurs.The Slurs started a fire which saw more fuel added to it earlier this year when he addressed his sexuality on his album, specifically the claims made by Amber Rose. Hope things don’t go that bad this time around.