In a public conversation at the Tribeca Film Festival, Chris Rock and J.J Abrams spoke about several topics, including the possibility of making a TV show together.

Alexandra McLeod Instagram|Twitter

The event was part of the Tribeca Talks segment of the festival, where the two highly successful figures were put together, and chatted in a jokingly tone that sparked excitement about collaborating on a television series together.

“I’m probably a single-camera show,” Rock said. “My skill set is multi-camera, but what’s gonna keep me interested, keep me intrigued, in doing 50-whatever shows is probably single camera.” Abrams went on to respond, “A Louie show, a Louie kind of thing, that would be amazing for you,” he suggested.

Abrams capability within his great talent and Rock’s success and acting skills, sounds like a promising future for the two, and more so a promising future for viewers. These two have been known to be associated with many successful projects, meaning if this ‘joke-ful’ but fully capable idea were to execute it would be an incredible thing.