Shake Shack might be a no go as a food spot after a few reviews. Either that or all this might just be a conspiracy?

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I’ve never had Shake Shack, but I’ve heard nothing about good things about it until today. Out of 3,220 complaints about food spots in New York, 11 of those have all been about Shake Shack. That may not be a lot, but it’s all been at one particular one, the Shake Shack on the Upper East Side. 11 is also the record for complaints in one year. But might this all be a conspiracy?

Spokesperson for Shake Shack Edwin Bragg said that all those complaints could’ve been by one person.

“Long suspected that a former employee was behind a series of phony complaints following termination from the company.

What do you guys think? Better safe than sorry, but I’ll still try Shake Shack, just not that one.