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HighThere, is an app very similar to Tinder, except that it caters to people who already share an interest in Mary Jane. While the app can seem quite appealing it does have a bit of an issue.

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HighThere is the stoner app for finding buddies to smoke with, in that it works similarly to Tinder by searching within a radius of your location. When you lock in with the app, HighThere requests your location and your energy level when stoned to optimize it’s search to match you with potential friends.

The issue is this data could be a gold mine for law enforcement if they can gain access to it. If you’re a current user, you might be worried if your information is safe…

and it looks like you may have to worry.

Synack, a hacking and cybersecurity firm conducted a test on the HighThere application security and concluded that the app’s security is, “student project level.” This means that individuals with knowledge of computer science could easily obtain names, photographs, smoking habits, and personal location of HighThere users.

“Synack hacker Oren Yomtov found that just by looking at the data the app sends through a nearby home router, you could expose and locate any user whose profile information is visible. The Synack team used passive data-gathering methods: They simply watched the data moving between the phone and the router, and didn’t have to penetrate server or send data anywhere.”

In other words, HighThere is bouncing around unencrypted files of it’s users information, including location, of people who are ultimately committing a crime in some areas, and almost anyone can intercept these files.

Source: Mic