Kid Cudi is pretty known to be a man with a artistic dark side. He discusses where he stands in the music industry and amongst his peers in a series of tweet, while also announcing information on his new album release date. Read for more information.

Alexandra Instagram|Twitter

Kid Cudi released a load-some of emotions out of his system for his followers to read via twitter. He starts off by expressing how he only associates himself with a selected few, but loves all.. while also tweeting some self-encouragement from feeling under appreciated in the business, while still trying to maintain a positive perspective on certain situations.

He also shared very exciting news, the news of his new album release! The new album should be released this summer. This message was released in a tweet, that also contained concerning words such as, “I think about blowin my brains out a handful times a week.”

Fans are extremely excited to hear about his new project which will be executed shortly, but are also concerned with his personal state. At this time, we hope Kid Cudi can continue to see the light through his tough times.