Sirens sound, black man gets pulled over. We’ve all heard this story before. Some of us have even lived it. But this isn’t your usual routine stop. Not many would expect this act of service, especially coming from a rookie cop.

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Lavonte Dell was driving his car around his Westland, MI neighborhood with tinted windows. That’s enough to get pulled over and asked questions by any officer. When the sirens came and the officer pulled up and asked him to step out of the vehicle, Dell thought the worse. The last thing he wanted to do was to get embarrassed by a cop in front of his daughter.

Officer Joshua Scaglione noticed Lavonte Dell’s 3 year old daughter in the back of the car, not in a car seat. Now, this could’ve have ended wrong on so many levels for the father but officer Scaglione gave Dell the ultimate bless. No ticket was issued and even more surprisingly the police officer drove both of them to Walmart and bought them a car seat. A round of applause for officer Joshua Scaglione, putting out a good rep for cops out there.

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