We were all caught by surprise by the passing of an icon yesterday. It was the most random occurrence ever and it all happened in a refresh of a timeline. The state of Minneapolis did the best it could to hold a Prince tribute on the day he passed.

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On the day Prince passed, the whole world practically stopped, we lost an icon that day. Minneapolis was the state he resided in and they knew exactly how to celebrate his life. They shutdown 7th Avenue and had a huge concert remembering the legend. Included all of Prince’s greatest hits, and karaoke and sing-a-longs with everyone who attended. Local Minneapolis artist Lizzo led some of the sing-a-longs. They even lit up 7th ave and made it have a purple glow, that’s not the only thing though.

Interstate 35W and Lowry Avenue will be lit purple, Target turned it’s lights at their headquarters purple at 8pm, lights on France avenue and Edina will be lit purple, Minneapolis town hall will play Prince’s music at 1pm on Sunday, Prince’s symbol will be shown on top of the water tower, and his purple rain suit will be available for free viewing Friday at Minnesota history center. What a way to remember a legend!

Rest in Purple Prince!