Empire star,”Bre-Z”, who a lot of us may know as Freda Gatz from the show, hosted a meet and greet with her fans called “Cutz With Bre-Z.” The greeting was hosted at “Legends,” the Barbershop on Fairfax Ave. Who would have ever known the talented ‘Freda Gatz,’ was also a barber! Super dope.

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While there, Bre-Z answered questions that her fans had and even did a few haircuts. The star is from Philidepliphia and does cuts. In fact, her family even owns their own barbershop.

Introduced to the world on EMPIRE as an emcee , Freda character has not evolved into showcasing her background as a barber which also mirrors her real life.

What made this meet and greet special, was the fact that people finally got chance to see the star in her natural state as a barber and not just a TV star. I love Bre as a Empire character. She definitely brings a different kind of spunk to the show. Cant wait to see what type of flavor she brings to this season of Empire.

While there, Miss Diddy, Team Hennessy & CEO of The Brand Group Inc, made sure that everyone enjoyed Hennessy “Henny Penny” cocktails.