Last year Hopsin dropped “No Words” and many took it as a diss to Young Thug, but in this next interview Hopsin clarifies it wasn’t directed towards any one in particular, but to all artists creating “trap” music. VladTV tries to get Sin to talk down on his rap peers but Hopsin keeps his mind open before sarcastically commenting and laughing on 2 Chainz’ lyricism.

Frankie Zing

Hopsin is known to put how he feels directly into the world, filterless, especially on the status of the music industry. Below he gets into a debate with VladTV on whether or not 2 Chainz is a “lyricist” or not and anyone else making trap music like Future or Young Thug for that matter. He seems more reserved now with a balanced vision for his mission in hip-hop. Check out the 11 minute interview below and he starts speaking on 2 Chainz at the 3 minute mark.