It’s been a running joke once the playoff matchups were clear that the Rockets had no shot at beating the Warriors in the first round. Sure they might win one game but that would be about it. The players said they kind of felt disrespected by the comments but after last night’s win, thanks to a James Harden game winner, it appears they really don’t want to stick around themselves.


The Rockets won game three, 97-96 thanks to that James Harden shot and also thanks to Steph Curry not playing due to a sprained ankle. Usually after an exciting win, especially in the playoffs, players would be excited and ready to go for the next game but instead, the Rockets bench just looked like they were ready to go period, as in go home and not have to play the Warriors again.

You would expect guys on the bench to be going crazy. Well at least one of them was

Most of the Rockets look like they have vacation plans already and have no desire to stick around.