Charles Barkley was so sure the Rockets would choke and lose game three against the Warriors last night that he made it a point to have the camera on him as he guaranteed the Rockets would blow it. At the time, Houston was winning at halftime but Barkley still thought they would find a way to lose by double digits. Unfortunately for him that never happened and the Rockets (barely) hung on for the one point win. After the game, Rockets CEO Tad Brown tried to ether chuck in one tweet.


Charles referred to the “fake hustle” of the Rockets a couple times, insinuating that they were only acting like they wanted to win.

Charles thought he was on to something but it backfired and after the game he had to say he was wrong. Barkley was once a member of the Rockets organization and that was something CEO Brown made sure everyone remembered by tweeting that Barkley’s entire Rockets career was full of fake hustle. Sheesh!

Barkley’s time in Houston wasn’t that bad but it also didn’t lead to anything memorable and Brown clearly remembered that. Check the gallery!