Killah Priest, Wu-Tang Clan associate became a household name in Hip Hop decades ago. He’s back with new music called ‘For The Future Of Hip Hop’. Checck out how he’s been working on developing his sound.

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Killah Priest has been working with Chicago-based producer Bryan Ford for the development of his new music. According to Ford, the intial connection between the two was extremely organic.

“We felt connected through our friends and associates in Chicago,” he says. “I had a beat and we were going to see what would happen. As it turns out, Priest had a line that said For The Future of Hip Hop and that turned into the album.

Listerners can expect more sounds ranging from electronica, jazz, soul and live instrumentation that all derives from Hip Hop.

The album is prospected to drop May 6, in which the two Ford and Killah Priest have already planned on making more music to follow with the album.

The vibe distributed between the two plays an essential role in the development of Killah Priest’s new sound.

“You can’t get it all, some stuff is exclusive,” explains Priest. “All of the beats I’ve heard are dope and we went through a lot of instrumentals.”

“Priest will come up with a verse on the spot,” Ford adds, “and blow your mind on some inspirational shit.”