KRS-One recently sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN in their radio show and talked about many things like the legalization of weed, old school vs new school, the PM Dawn bumrush, etc. But there was this one section of the interview that really stood out and is probably going to have older hip hop fans scratching their heads.

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“Hip Hop needs dope lyrics, we don’t need dope Mc’s… Understand… We need dope lyrics. I don’t care where it comes from. Your moms could write you some shit, if that shit is dope, say that shit!”

These words are uttered from Hip Hop legend KRS-one, after N.O.R.E asked him about his opinion on the whole Drake ghostwriting controversy. He doest really care considering that a lot of old school rappers, some legends, had ghostwriters. N.O.R.E. even mentions Eazy-E who in the track “8 Ball” openly says “Ice Cube writes the rhymes that I say”. KRS mostly doesn’t care about ghostwriting because, to him, the words are more important than the image, especially nowadays.

He even went as far as to say we all have “ghostwriters”.

“If you really get down to it, I don’t write my own lyrics, God writes my lyrics. So if you think about it, none of us are writing our lyrics. Any MC that writes his lyrics, you know you’re sitting there with the pen, the pad, your phone, whatever and you hum your shit out, you hear that shit from some place else… No one is original. No art is original. We are all being influenced by everything and everyone.”

KRS-one even mentioned if Rakim were to write something for him, he would say it. Whether he was joking or not, its amazing to think someone with his display of lyricism and overal hip hop statute doesn’nt mind the ghostwting in Hip Hop.

Thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? First, check out the interview on the “Source” word below (its around the 17 minute mark).