Who said Canada was soft? Local store Cabela’s in Calgary, Canada recently got robbed, stripping the store of 3 semi-automatic rifles and 9 handguns; all worth a whopping $10,000!

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Owners called the police around 6:30am when they opened the store and realized they were robbed. According to their surveillance video, the man arrived at the store around 4:40am for five minutes. He arrived with a crowbar breaking in the glass door and broke/stole from 4 glass display cases (shown via photo gallery above). Local Calgary Police are still looking for the man.

Here’s a list of the stolen weapons:

.223-calibre Benelli semi-automatic
.223-calibre XM 15 Bushmaster semi-automatic
.22-calibre M&P 1522 Smith & Wesson semi-automatic

.40-calibre 941 Jericho semi-automatic handgun
.45-calibre Glock 21 semi-automatic
9-mm PX4 Storm Beretta semi-automatic
9-mm 92FS Beretta semi-automatic
.40-calibre 22GEN4 Glock semi-automatic
9-mm 941 Jericho semi-automatic
10-mm 20C Glock semi-automatic
9-mm 17C Glock semi-automatic
.40-calibre 22C Glock semi-automatic

Check out the video below: