The immortalization of musical artists has been revolutionized with the thanks of hologram technology. Hologram USA wants to keep the purple legend alive with a Prince hologram!

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“If at some point in the future his estate and the fans feel a hologram performance would a be a fitting tribute, we’d be honored to celebrate the Sexy Motherf—er in every way.”

Words from Hologram USA’s CEO, Alki David.

I’ll reiterate that Prince is a legend and I’m sure there are fans of his, worldwide, who are heartbroken by his tragic passing. Among one of the greatest performers of all-time, it is truly a loss for those who haven’t been able to experience a performance by Prince.

But thanks to hologram technology provided by Alki David’s company, he has made it possible to recreate a holographic representation of Prince so that his legendary shows could keep on going.

Some see holograms as a way to capture a stage performance from figures who may have passed too early. Doing a service to the fans and continuing a legacy. However, others view the innovation as sinister act of exploitation.

Nevertheless, if those close to the performer approve of this method of performer and performance revival, and the party in between carrying the act out does it in good faith; the use of hologram technology could become something we’ll see a lot of for the future of musical performance and beyond.

Source: The Wrap