The unfortunate passing of former WWE star, Chyna, could wind up helping someone else in the future. According to her manager and longtime friend, Anthony Anzaldo, he is working with Chyna’s family to donate her brain to science after it was something she took interest in not too long ago.


Anzaldo said that not long ago, Chyna was approached about joining a brain injury lawsuit against the WWE. Anzaldo says Chyna wasn’t interested in the suit but thought the science behind it was interesting.

He says shortly after her death, he got a call about donating her brain to the study. Anzaldo says he’s working with Chyna’s family to allow the coroner to release her brain to the docs.

Ironically, the doctor who will be examining her brain if her family allows it will be Dr. Omalu, the same man responsible for the “Concussion” movie that starred Will Smith last year.