IFWT_Will Smith

Will Smith has developed himself to be a renown actor who surrounds himself with other well established celebrities. He goes onto sharing some insight on his relationship with Prince, who’s death completely took him by surprise.

Will Smith, Hollywood Actor, has broken his silence on speaking publicly on his feelings towards the death of the legendary, Prince.

Prince has passsed away just a couple of days ago (RIP) in which many have and are currently mourning his death through celebration of his life. Prince’s originality has had such an influence not only in the music world, but the lives’ of many individuals.

Will Smith made a statement on his Facebook page, Thursday April 21st, where he shared his grief. He was surprised, as many others, to come to find out the passing of such a great man. He goes onto say that he spoke with Prince prior to his passing, so one can only imagine what was going through Smith’s head once he found out his beloved friend passed.

Rest In Peace beloved Prince. Your impact on the culture of the world, and influence on the individuals who have connected with your music and with you as a person will forever be remembered. Your legacy will always remain alive on this earth.