Hillary Clinton who has previously opposed a raise in minimum wage has finally agreed she would be in favor of it, but with a few conditions.

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While Bernie Sanders have expressed his favor of raising minimum wage nationwide to 15 dollars an hour, Hillary Clinton on the other hand wasn’t so compliant. But recently she stated that if congress presented her with a bill to be passed for a higher minimum wage she would sign it, but there would also be conditions.
In a recent press release, her campaign stated that Hillary “supports a $12 federal minimum wage,” but would encourage other states to go higher. While speaking on TV show This Week, Hillary spoke again explaining the contrast between her and Bernie Sander’s stance on minimum wage saying:

“You know, George, I know everybody wants to make this some kind of big contrast. Well, it isn’t. You know, Bernie Sanders came out and said the legislation passed in New York was a model for the nation.
And you know what model is?
That model is a phased in minimum wage increase to get to $15 in the city and surrounding areas, to get to $12, $12.50 upstate, but to be constantly evaluating the economic conditions so that there is no unintended consequence of lost jobs.
That has been my position. And that is exactly what New York just voted for. And for federal legislation, if it has the same kind of understanding about how we have to phase this in, how we have to evaluate it as we go, if the Congress passes that, of course I would sign it.”

Do you think Hillary will keep the same stance on a higher minimum wage throughout the election?