ifwt_iLoveMakonnen x Drake

Last week, it was confirmed that iLoveMakonnen was no longer signed to Drake‘s OVO Sound label. At press time, the “Tuesday” singer released a statement thanking Drake and the whole crew for everything they’d done for him, assuring that there was nothing but love in the decision to separate. It didn’t appear to be that way over the weekend, however.

“What’s the name of that dumb ass album with the sky sh*t?” Makonnen said on Snapchat on Sunday, referring to Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. He then answered a fan’s question about leaving the label:

“Why’d you leave OVO because I was underweight now, when I was overweight they was f*cking with me, that’s what OVO stands for Overweight only.”

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The video was ripped by a fan and posted to YouTube, but in what’s likely damage control, it’s now down with a message that attributes the removal to Makonnen‘s label, Warner Bros. Records. He then took to Twitter to try to clear it up:

“I don’t have no beef, jokes have been taken out of context, please stop being so thirsty for negative shit and spread positive. Y’all highlight a negative message and miss the positive ones, spread the love not the hate. Drink more water 6, life too short to be thirsting for the bullshit , take care of yourself and your health.”

He did say he was going to do some drugs in the video, so maybe he was high when he saying all of that, and now regrets it?