Whoa….Yesterday Apple took a huge loss in the stock market after reporting slumping iPhone sales for the first time ever….and this morn a body was found in one of the conference rooms at Apple HQ… ?.

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Police Dispatch Call:

Apparently when the call first came through it was reported there was a female body, but that’s because there was some sort of head wound on a woman, ‘possibly from a gun’, but the woman was escorted off the campus, and later when it got cleared up, they’re saying it was a Hispanic male, and looks like it could be a suicide. Are the 2 incidents related, more than likely yes, but either way we have to take into account the 7% dip in the stock market yesterday, which we now know is around $40B…yes with a B, lost in revenue…not to make light of the sitch, that may cause someone to put a gun to their head ?.

I mean, I hate to speculate, but could the loss of a whole lot of money be related to this death?? It will all depend on whom it is, the story is still developing so as soon as we know, you’ll know!!

Body found in conference room on #Apple main campus(HQ), could this be related to yesterday's ? loss??

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