Philippines President Benigno Aquino III says he is aware of a plot that was aimed at possibly killing him and kidnapping Manny Pacquiao. The terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf militants, are the same group that beheaded a Canadian journalist earlier this week.


John Ridsdel, 68, was beheaded after Abu Sayyaf did not receive a large ransom it had demanded by Monday. Another Canadian, a Norwegian and a Filipina who were kidnapped with Ridsdel from a southern marina in September are still being held by the militants, along with about 20 other foreign hostages, AP reported.

Aquino claimed the group was plotting to target himself, as well as Pacquiao and even one of Pacquaio’s children with the hopes that kidnapping them would pay off in the form of a huge ransom pay off.

The group also wanted to explode bombs in metropolitan Manila to try to get funding from Islamic State, but the plans were uncovered and troops have reduced the group’s ability to inflict harm.

Let’s hope those other hostages are freed and this group can’t inflict harm on anyone else.