The Lakers have cashed in on Kobe’s retirement tour, selling all the merchandise related to the Mamba saying farewell that they can. During the night of his final game, the Staples Center was selling hats for more than $38,000 and $24,000 respectively, among other rare, expensive items. Even after his retirement they are still cashing out, as now pieces of the floor from his final game are hitting the auction block and they aren’t cheap.


The team announced that three different panels of hardwood from the night of Kobe’s final game will go up for auction and the starting bids will be $10,000 each but are expected to go for much more.

The pieces up for sale are the panels that made up the custom #8 on the court that night. As far as the panels with #24 on them, they will wind up inside the Lakers new practice facility.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Lakers Youth Foundation which helps underprivileged kids. Have your checkbooks ready.