Last night, Chicago newcomer Tink was shopping at Nordstrom’s (this is confirmed,) and according to some eyewitnesses, she was busted for scamming – aka attempting to use fake credit cards to make her purchases.

She was NOT arrested and the reports do not allege that, but they say that when multiple cards weren’t going through (or her “pieces weren’t hitting” if you want to get fancy,) she then paid for it with her own money. All professional scammers always have the backup plan! It was then, Fameolous reports, that she was walked off the premises by the Chicago Police Department, at the instruction of Nordstrom’s loss prevention team.

For her part, Tink has posted a video saying she was at the hair salon following her shopping spree and had never been arrested, then posted a video showing off the receipt from Nordstrom’s. Technically, neither of these provide proof that what Fameolous alleges didn’t happen – though just because some of her cards didn’t work, that doesn’t mean she was scamming. It’s a high possibility, but hey – maybe she’s just maxed out a few of her credit cards?

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Whaaat. People are sick I just got my hair done. Get off the internet you fools.

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@fameolousent ur sad, God bless u. ☹️

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