Yesterday, we reported that Philippines president Benigno Aquino claimed he was aware of a plot to possibly kidnap or murder him, as well as kidnap the most famous person in the country in Manny Pacquiao. It is a pretty scary thing to learn that terrorist might have been trying to come for you and Pacquiao is taking no chances, beefing up security after the threat.


Aquino has claimed that the terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf Militants, were plotting to follow through on their plan. No word on how Aquino found out but this group is not to be taking lightly, as they are responsible for the beheading of a Canadian journalist earlier this week and have numerous other hostages.

They had hoped kidnapping the president and Pacquaio would result in a large ransom payment but that day will never come. The Pac man spoke about the situation and even seemed to throw a shot at the president for not telling him before going public.

“I was alarmed when he announced the Abu Sayyaf wanted to kidnap me. I’m surprised because all Filipinos are my friends. I love them, especially the Muslims.”

“We asked for security, protection for my kids, my family to make sure they are safe.”

“If it came from an intelligence report, it should have been kept secret and need not be announced. And why just now? We have to study this.”

Considering how popular he is in his home country, this report really is shocking but it goes to show there will always be people out there envious of what others have.