Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is finally breaking his silence after Kristina’s death. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Gordon had anything to do with her death. While doing a interview with ‘Daily Mail Online,’ Gordon speaks on his recollection of what went down before Kristina’s death.

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Gordon says,

“I blame myself for not getting to Krissy quick enough that day. I can’t blame myself for another addict’s addiction but I feel like I failed her. She didn’t make it. I wish she got help. I wish she got my spot [in rehab]. I did not protect her the way that I was supposed to – even if it was from herself.”

Gordon recalled what happened that night that Kristina was found saying,

“I went out with a couple of buddies of mine earlier that day and we were out having a good time. Krissy thought I was with some other females and that’s when she got upset. She called and said I had to come home.”

He says when he came home he saw bottles of wine. He went on to say,

“I thought she had just been drinking, maybe smoked a little. She was upset, we got into a little argument and then we made up and went upstairs and lay on the bed for about 45 minutes and did what adults do.”

His story then becomes different than the one told by Kristina’s friend, Daniella Bradley, who said a argument broke out between the two. She went on to say Gordon physically hit on his girlfriend. During that time, Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina, Daniella Bradley, and Max Lomas were in the home. Bradley said,

“The Xfinity [cable] guy came and had to do a bunch of stuff in the house and I had my friend Max walk round with him because he had to change all the boxes and I wanted to make sure he’s not stealing anything or taking pictures. So he [Max] walked him into my room to show him the box in there. He knocked on the door and didn’t hear a call from Krissy. He knocked on the bathroom and still didn’t hear a call from Krissy and that’s when he found her in the bathtub. Then he calls my name. I ran to my room and then I saw my girl on the floor. It was so traumatizing. I dropped to my knees and kept giving her chest compressions and blowing into her mouth.”

Gordon also spoke on Kristina’s drug habit saying,

“After her mom had passed she would use drugs to numb the pain she was feeling. She started taking pain pills and Xanax and self-harming. You could see the scars on her arms.”

Gordon also did an exclusive interview with Dr.Phil.

Source: DailyMail