Because Jason Terry is not the player he once was, some of you may have not even known he had guaranteed a game five victory for his Houston Rockets over the Warriors. As you know by now, the Warriors made easy work of Houston, beating them 114-81 and putting them out of their misery. Some of the Warriors players heard about the guarantee and even though they respect Terry, they had a good laugh at his expense.


Prior to game five, Terry tried unsuccessfully to get his teammates amped up to go out there and compete by showing some confidence in his guys.

“I’m guaranteeing it,” Terry said. “… I guarantee victory — that’s what it’s going to take. I believe in my group. I know we can get a win here and send this thing back to Houston.”

Instead of showing up inspired, the Rockets were almost down 20 points by the end of the first quarter and it was just an overall embarrassment. Terry for his part, played like trash, not scoring any points in 22 minutes. That was something not lost on Draymond Green.

I definitely heard about [Jason Terry’s] comments, but I got mad respect for Jet. He’s a guy that’s done it in the league for a long time. He was a big part of the championship team that beat LeBron and the Heat the year after ‘The Decision.’ If a dog don’t wag his own tail, who is going to wag it? I’m not sure about coming out here guaranteeing a win, but he has to do something to get his guys going. I respect that. Jet is one of the vets in the league and one of the guys I watched growing up. I got mad respect for him. But the big homey can’t come out here and put out an 0-for-7 donut if he’s going to guarantee a win.

My teammates and I laughed about it. I actually screenshot Jet’s guarantee quote and put it in the group chat. I said, ‘You see this mess?’ It wasn’t like we needed the bulletin board material. We were coming out here to close it out, anyway. Everybody was like, ‘Really? All right. Let’s get it. Let’s go.’ It was exciting, but the way we really closed this series out says a lot about this team.

If you are going to make guarantees against a team like the Warriors, the least you can do is show up.